Trixie x Juno Palette


Yes that's happening!!! This palette features an assortment of shades all hand-picked by Juno herself. suited for aliens and humans alike.

20.40 g/ 0.27 oz

Bonehilda: Milky Way white
Wormhole*: Deep eggplant matte
Lavendrous*: True periwinkle matte
Pause!*: Mac n cheese yellow orange matte
Moon Beach*: Cool tan matte
Pluto Root*: Neutral dark brown matte
Grim Reaper: Black licorice matte
Snozzberry: Midnight blue matte
Stunning: Juno blue matte
Flamingo*: Fresh salmon pink
Joy Despret: So desperate to be the only beige shimmer
Human Beanz: Warm brown matte

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Talc-Free


*Indicates pressed pigment