Bottle Blonde Palette


Could a dumb blonde have put together a perfect range of neutrals. shimmers. and smokey rose shades? I think NOT! No matter how artificial you are. keep it real with the endless possibilities of the Bottle Blonde Eyeshadow Palette. with 12 queen-size eyeshadow pans. Make an appointment with your new holy grail eyeshadow palette. complete with 12 shades hand-picked by me that you will absolutely DYE for (get it???) With shade names like Blowout. Roller Set. and WIG!. you'll really feel like you're at the salon. with none of the scalp damage.

0.84 oz

Peroxide: Daisy white matte
Polished: Amethyst frost
Purple Shampoo: Lilac matte
I Got Bangs: Purple matte
Blowout: Red-brown matte
Frenemy: Burgundy matte
Mauve Mentality: Pinky rose-gold glitter
“Me” Day: Pepto pink matte
Miss Kim: Neon coral matte
Roller Set: Ginger-peach matte
WIG!: Copper shimmer with a pink duochrome
Lash Lift: Classic black matte

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